‘I’ve been reading your thingama blog.’ Says my father. ‘Very interesting.’ I look up from fixing his iPad, having already closed at least a hundred web pages and deleted countless inadvertent selfies of his feet. I peer at him, over hated but strategically remembered glasses. Interesting word interesting. There is the interesting exhibit at the museum or gallery which is exactly that and then there is the interesting play or performance art, which is anything but. So which was it dad?
‘Interesting how?’ I ask.
‘Well,’ he says. ‘You always could talk, it’s like that only more. Thoughtful.’ Thoughtful? Interesting word thoughtful. Did he mean thoughtful as in kindly, considerate or thoughtful as in reflective, inward looking and… ‘You’re doing it now aren’t you.’ He says, interrupting my internal narrative.
‘Doing what?’ I ask but knowing.
‘Thinking,’ he says. ‘It’s not necessary, all that thinking. Look what I achieved, barely gave it a thought, just got on with it. Things happen you know, good things, you’re always too busy looking for rot to enjoy the apple.’
‘I enjoy the apple,’ I say. ‘It’s just life is much harder now, more complicated.’
‘I grew up in the war son, complicate that.’
‘There’s been more than one war dad.’ I complain.
‘Only one just war.’ He replies. I stare at him, this man I have known but misunderstood my whole life. ‘Anyway’, he says. ‘Your blog, I couldn’t help noticing there’s not much furniture in it.’
‘It’s not a furniture blog dad.’
‘You have a furniture shop don’t you?’
‘Well yes.’
‘So it can’t hurt having a furniture blog?’
‘But I want to write about other things.’
‘I don’t know, I just like being thoughtful and interesting I suppose.’
‘Exactly. Thing is there’s no money in it. You need to stop trying to impress people. Write what they want to hear not what you want to say. Are you listening?’
‘Sorry what?’
‘Are you listening?’
‘Yes, you said it can’t hurt to have a furniture blog.’
‘Ages ago, what are you doing to my iPad?’
‘Writing this conversation down before I forget it.’
‘You’re going to write about this?’
‘No one will want to read about this!’
‘They will if I use a picture of a cat.’


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