Hello is that the furniture and lighting shop? Ah, good, it’s Keith here, I was in earlier, you know, the annoying guy you spent an hour with, again, helping me with the light? Ha. Well thank you it’s really appreciated, you certainly have a lot of knowledge and experience and a great selection of lights on display too, I don’t think I would’ve ever been able to choose without your help. So I’ve decided to go with your recommendation, the blue one, it’s a really beautiful light and it was great being able to see it in the flesh so to speak, made it so much easier to make a decision. I almost bought it there and then, I like to support local business but I just wanted to pop home to check the measurements, you know, better safe than sorry. Anyway while I was checking my email, just out of curiosity, I thought I would google the light and by accident found a Welsh website that had it for less. I wasn’t looking for a cheaper price, not at all, just comparing but there it was and I couldn’t ignore it. To be honest the website is terrible and they don’t have an actual shop or anything and it’s in Wales, which is sort of a different country, in a shed by the looks of it but cheaper is cheaper, gift horse and all that. Thing is I like to support local business and thought I would give you the chance to better their price, I would much rather buy it from you, for the same amount or less, because you’re just down the road and really convenient if I don’t like it when it arrives and decide to return it. I thought I owed it to you, to give you the opportunity to sell it to me at a discount, you know after all your help and that. Did I mention I like to support local business? I mean it’s a tough old trading environment out there, I thought I should do my bit, help you out as it were, in difficult times local people should stick together, it’s the least I can I do. Hello? Are you there? Hello?

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